This website is all about how I, Nigel, was healed of Aspergers Syndrome, which is at the milder end of the autistic spectrum. Actually, it's mostly not about that at all. I was healed in an instant. No, this is all about how I was also healed of the effects of having been autistic, which is much bigger deal altogether.

I've deliberately kept this web site anonymous. That is to say, my real name is Nigel, but I've left off my surname, where I live and so on. This is because this site contains a lot of very personal stuff, not only about me, but also about my relatives and people I know and have known. This information is publicly readable by anyone, and it would not be good for these people to be traceable by people they don't know.

You can contact me if you want to. There is an e-mail contact form in the menu at the top right.

I hope that you enjoy reading this site (it's not all heavy and serious), and I pray that God will touch you through what you read.